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Say Good-Bye to receipt with e-Claim Management System

Employees can apply their claims online from any electronic device with an Internet Connection. Just Pay, snap and submit.


It’s that simple with the e-Claims Management System.

e-Claim Management System


Highlighted Features

Online Submit &

Manage Claim

A different group of users levels with different claim

Define claim limit either by claim type or user

Submit multiple in

one submission

Email function for every

paid claim

Submitted claim routed to

superior for approval

Integrated with MySoft ERP to treat as Cash Payment Voucher

Status notification for the claim submission

Reimbursement claim can

convert to billing invoice

Your Benefits

It's Convenient

Manage the entire e-claim process through online. The claim application will be saved regardless of approve or reject. Applicants can easily track back their submission record.

Benefits for Employees

  • Snap and submit claims anytime, anywhere

  • Submitted claim auto routed to superior for approval

  • Get notified when the claim is approved

  • Reduce paperwork

It's Efficient & Time Saving

Superior will be notified when there is a claim application and applicants will be notified when their claim is approved.

Benefits for Finance Department

  • Auto calculations using built-in formulas, reduce human errors

  • Handling various type of claims from travel, accommodation, medical, entertainment, etc

  • All claim records are stored electronically for easy data retrieval and permanent storage

  • Fast & Real-time management information reports

Affordable & Cost Saving

Our system is based on the SaaS model. You can choose how long would you like to subscribe to our system based on your needs.

Benefits for Company /Agency

  • Increase the efficiency in claim processing

  • Time spent earlier could be focused on other work activities

Start Your

e-Claim Journey Now

Convenient, Fast & Paperless



Increase Efficient & Accuracy

Online submit & manage the claim and synchronize data to Finance System.

Full Approval Procedure Control

Submitted claim auto routed to direct superior or multi-level approval.

Statistic & Management Information

Provide details management information of staff claims

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